Keynote Invited Speakers

  • Deborah E.  BORDELON
    Prof. Dr. Deborah E. BORDELON
    Provost and Executive Vice President at Columbus State University Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, United States

    Speech Title: Teacher Training During The Pandemic

  • Eli Daniel  Flournoy
    - Eli Daniel Flournoy
    Former Senior Director, CNN International "Industry Guest Speaker", United States

    Speech Title: Innovations in Global Media Business Models

  • Rozhan M. IDRUS
    Prof. Dr. Rozhan M. IDRUS
    University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

    Speech Title: Rise of the Global Classroom: A Gift from Covid

  • Carlos Francisco De Sousa  REIS
    Prof. Dr. Carlos Francisco De Sousa REIS
    University of Coimbra, Portugal

    Speech Title: Two Core Competencies for the 21st Century: Creativity and Critical Thinking in Complementarity

  • Colleen SEXTON
    Prof. Dr. Colleen SEXTON
    Governors State University, United States

    Speech Title: New developments in science education

  • Steve  HARMON
    Prof. Dr. Steve HARMON
    Georgia Institute of Technology, United States

    Speech Title: The Changing Role of Universities Post-Pandemic

  • Douglas FRANKLIN
    Prof. Dr. Douglas FRANKLIN
    Ohio University, United States

    Speech Title: Managing Complexity in a Changing Worlds: Applying System Thinking in Educational Settings

  • Federica  INCERTI
    Assist. Prof. Dr. Federica INCERTI
    George Mason University, United States

    Speech Title: Classroom Technologies on the Front Line: Smart Technologies Post-Pandemic - Lessons Learned

  • Susan Copp
    Prof. Dr. Susan Copp
    George Washington University, United States

    Speech Title: Keeping Students Active and Engaged: Employing Active Learning and Engagement Strategies in the Online Classroom

  • Teresa FRANKLIN
    Prof. Dr. Teresa FRANKLIN
    Ohio University, United States

    Speech Title: The Damaging Myth of the Natural Teacher and the Role of Technology

  • Muzaffer ELMAS
    Prof. Dr. Muzaffer ELMAS
    Kocaeli Health and Technology University, Turkey

    Speech Title: New Developments in Quality in Higher Education

  • Aylin Tutgun Ünal
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aylin Tutgun Ünal
    Üsküdar Üniversitesi, Turkey

    Speech Title: How will the metaverse change education?

  • Min  JOU
    Prof. Dr. Min JOU
    National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

    Speech Title: Facilitating Students’ Reflective Behavious When Learning Technical Skills